What is the meaning of life?
To be happy and useful.
- Tenzin Gyatso


Why do you have a 2 hour minimum?

I find the chemistry that develops during an extended date absolutely intoxicating and truly enjoy making an intimate connection with my suitor, allowing our time together to progress and flow naturally without the feeling of being rushed, which would certainly lessen the quality of the experience for us both.

What if we are having such a wonderful time that I want to extend our date?

If we are having so much fun that you just can't bear to let me go, please ask me about extending our time and take care of the additional consideration before the end of our original appointment. Please familiarize yourself with my arrangement structure.

Do you provide GFE/girlfriend experience?  (Yikes! I know one acronym!)

You mean do I want you to take out the trash, nag you and complain to you about my day? Thank you for offering, but I'm quite capable of disposing the trash and I don't nag or complain :) What I provide is a luxurious companionship experience achieved only through great care and attention. I doubt most girlfriends, if any, would ever devote as much energy and time as I will to make you happy. Of course, I love being spoiled and pampered by you, too. I guess, in that way, I resemble a girlfriend.

What if I want you to wear something specific for our date?

I have a fabulous wardrobe and will do my best to accommodate any tasteful requests, and I always wear beautiful lingerie underneath. Also, when I want to look extra brainy, I wear my glasses instead of my contacts. If you'd like me to sport this look for our rendezvous, ask and you shall receive.

May I bring you a gift?

Yes! Your bright smile and warm hugs will be greatly appreciated and treasured.

Do you tour/visit other cities?

I do not tour, but will cater to your exclusive travel invitation. In addition, my work often brings me to various cities, and I’d be happy to meet you during my trip. If you’d like to be notified of when I may be in your area, please send me a visiting notification request. I will email you only if I visit your locale.

Do you see couples or women?

Sorry, but I have no clue what to do with a woman, except the usual girly luncheons, shopping, etc. I'm really best suited to one-on-one interaction with a gentleman. However, if you are a lady (or couple) who just wants a captivating female companion for a social event, I'd be happy to accompany you. Of course, my companionship arrangements apply.

What’s your dream vacation?

My ultimate wish is to ride in a spaceship and observe the third rock from the sun. Back on earth......for romance--the island of Santorini, Greece; for excitement--the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, and for adventure--the African Safari.

Are you working with an agency?

No, I am 100% independent and always will be.

Do you provide references?

If you choose to use me as a reference, I'd be happy to assist you, but please do drop me a note. As I highly value your privacy, I will not provide any information regarding you, including whether we have met, without your expressed consent. If you do not grant me permission before hand, the reference request will be politely dismissed. Please advise the lady that email is my preferred way of communication for reference requests. Please also remind her to note "Reference Request" in the subject line.

Who was your childhood hero?

Walt Disney--because he created a wonderland “where dreams really do come true”.

What are your current obsessions?

Thomas Jefferson, Kokichi Mikimoto and strip poker. I am new to the game of poker, but I am confident I will start winning soon.

What's your favorite thing about your website?

The fact that you are reading it and discovering me right now :)